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Longs Peak Masonic lodge #197


Loveland Lodge was formed by the following members, George M. Harris, Worshipful Master, a civil war veteran; Thomas Gross, farmer and horse breeder; David W. Miller, farmer; William B. Sutherland, doctor; Jefferson McAnelly, lawyer and later County Judge; John J. Burke, clothing store manager; Edwin M. Currier, probably a farmer; James Sullivan, “came west with family in spring of 1862, located near Bear Creek south of Denver, and later moved to vicinity of Loveland became County Commissioner.”

‘Watrous states in his history of Larimer County “He was a man of few words, but inflexible purpose, a hater of shams and a rigid adherent of right in all relations of Life”; Obediah Smith, Justice of the Peace and former school teacher; Aaron S. Benson, Bank President, also State Representative; John W. Ansell; Jerry Quigley, orchardist; Joseph B. Middleton, stage driver to Estes Park. First meetings were held in the I.O.O.F. Hall, Loveland, Colorado, or as it was originally called, Old St. Louis, a settlement twenty-three years old when the lodge was instituted. The above named brethren signed the petition for dispensation. The dispensation was granted April 17, 1883 and the charter was granted September 18, 1883 at the Grand Lodge Annual Communication, at which meeting Most Worshipful Brother Frank Church presided as Grand Master.

The Lodge was constituted during the term of Most Worshipful Brother Andrew Sagendorf who deputized George E. Wyman to actually constitute Loveland No. 53. This Lodge was named for the town in which it met, as were many of our Colorado Lodges.

The first jewels of the officers were donated by Collins Lodge No. 19, however there were some hand made jewels used previously which are in the museum of Loveland Lodge and can be seen at any time. The brethren of Loveland Lodge were very secretive in their doings especially after a Masonic trial of a local publisher for printing too much of the affairs of the Lodge. The brother was acquitted but a clamp of censorship is noted, even in the minutes, from that time. Three Masonic cornerstones have been laid in the Town of Loveland.

On November 30, 1960, No. 53 had 340 members.

On May 7, 1890, Grand Master Bridwell issued a dispensation to eleven brethren in Larimer County to meet and form a lodge to be known as Berthoud Lodge U. D. with Brothers Richard M. Hubbell, Worshipful Master; Winton Smith, as Senior Warden, and John R. Nimer, Junior Warden. The petition was recommended by St. Vrain Lodge No. 23 and Past Grand Master Carr. Grand Master Bridwell also recommended this Lodge be chartered.

The Committee on returns and work examined the records to discover them fairly correct and that the Lodge had raised 12, passed 13 and initiated 16. One bylaw was not in accord with Masonic Law so it was not approved since it was a copy of Union Lodge No. 7’s bylaw, section 2, article 5, the repeal of this was recommended to Union Lodge, so it would not lead any other lodges “in forbidden paths”.

The Committee then recommended that Berthoud No. 83 be chartered and Grand Master Foster commissioned Most Worshipful Brother Byron L. Carr to constitute Berthoud Lodge and install its officers, namely Richard M. Hubbell, Worshipful Master; F. Irving Davis, Senior Warden; John R. Nimer, Junior Warden. Seventeen other names were on the Charter. This was done in due form on October 4, 1890.

Berthoud Lodge No. 83 had 142 members on November 30th, 1960

Longs Peak Masonic Lodge was born through a merger between Loveland Lodge No. 53 and Berthoud Lodge No. 83. Chartered on 01/25/2003 by the Colorado A.F. & A.M., Longs Peak #197 is part of District 22



On October 20, 1958, Most Worshipful Brother Glenn B. Van Fleet issued a dispensation to 80 Master Masons to form a Lodge in Estes Park, Colorado to be called Estes Park Lodge U. D. with Brothers Elbert Merritt Shideler, Worshipful Master; Cole Charles Tremmel, Senior Warden; and Rollon Sutter, Junior Warden. The Grand Master paid especial tribute to Wm. J. Finlay and Robert R. Morrison for their untiring efforts in starting this Lodge.

Upon examining the records of Estes Park Lodge the Committee on Charters and Dispensations recommended that a charter be granted and Estes Park Lodge No. 183 be constituted. Grand Master Gobble convened a special communication of the Grand Lodge at Estes Park on February 2, 1959 for the purpose of constituting Estes Park Lodge No. 183 and installing Brothers Elbert Merritt Shideler, Worshipful Master; Cole Charles Tremmel, Senior Warden and Rollon Sutter, Junior Warden. Brother Lloyd Hagen of Collins Lodge No. 19 made the presentation of the altar, pedestals, kneeling pad and candlesticks all of which had been hand wrought by members of No. 19. District Lecturer Brother Morrison made 51 trips to Estes Park to help establish this Lodge.

Membership November 30, 1960 94

Estes Park Lodge#183 consolidated with Longs Peak Masonic Lodge #197 on 01/22/22.

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